Solarus v2

A small, physics based spaceship game. Loosely based on the space battles from the Star Wars Battlefront videogames. Can pick from a variety of ships to get in, and go to the right to shoot the big bad brain.

Debug Mode

Debug Mode

The physics system implemented allows for hitboxes to be made up of any number of quadrilaterals and circles. It also uses a quadtree for increased efficiency when numerous physics entities are present in the calculations.

You can see this visualized in the gif above:

  • purple lines -> hitbox outline
  • red lines -> axis-aligned bounding box
  • green lines -> sectors of the quadtree

Developed by:

  • Matt Mayer
  • Kyle Causton
Author face

Matt Mayer

I'm a student at Carleton University studying Computer Science. In particular, I'm interested in game development and as such I'm in the game development stream for my program. (Essentially an un-official minor).

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