3x-eh (A Canadian 4X)

I worked on this game with 7 others over a period of just under 4 months. It was done for a special course being offered to a group selected from a pool of applicants, for this year only (for Canada’s 150).

Sample Play

This game was made in <4 months using Unity, and a pretty solid first attempt at Agile development.

Set in a post-apocalyptic Canada, the plague that ruined the world suffers in the cold winters of Canada. Life has a chance here and as such the player must attempt to resurrect various Canadian cities, building a new world from the shell of the old one.

Developed by:

  • Adnan Ahmed
  • Devon Plouffe
  • Jater Xu
  • Justin Zhang
  • Matt Mayer
  • Paul Boucaud
  • Tyler Main
  • Yannick Robert
Author face

Matt Mayer

I'm a student at Carleton University studying Computer Science. In particular, I'm interested in game development and as such I'm in the game development stream for my program. (Essentially an un-official minor).

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